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Hearing aid maintenance - pair of receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids with battery trays open (Oticon More miniRITE)

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Regular Care for Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small mini computers consisting of tiny electrical components, which over time can experience wear and tear and start acting intermittently or stop working. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the hearing aids will prevent early repairs or malfunctioning of the aids and extend their life.

How To Take Care of Hearing Aids?


Daily quick cleaning of the aids can extend hearing aid life and save time to do extra maintenance of the hearing aids. We demonstrate cleaning or maintenance for each particular brand or model of hearing aids at the time of the fitting and also provide this service at no charge for our patients when needed.  


Often hearing aids can be blocked with earwax since the aids fit in the ear canal. We recommend daily wiping of the part of the hearing aid that sits in the canal to prevent earwax accumulation. Most of the hearing aids or receivers of the hearing aids have small protection called a wax guard that can be easily changed when it gets occluded. We can help you with cleaning, maintenance or listening check of the hearing aids at the appointment.  

Hearing aid repair - woman putting hearing aid on smiling senior man

Hearing Aid Repair

Echo Hearing can diagnose and assess any malfunctioning hearing aid and assist with a minor repair of the hearing aids and repair in the clinic. Most hearing aids come with a warranty and any repairs or troubleshooting is covered under the warranty period time. Once the hearing aids are out of the warranty they can still be repaired for a small fee and extended warranty.

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