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Hearing tests and evaluation - Young woman getting a hearing assessment

Hearing Tests & Evaluation

Hearin Test & Diagnostic

Vancouver Hearing Tests

At Echo Hearing Care, we evaluate hearing loss by using advanced clinical hearing testing that is designed to determine the causes of hearing loss. Since hearing loss is not an isolated disease and often is part of multiple chronic conditions, our focus isn’t solely on ear health but on the whole body’s health.

​What Is Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation?

Diagnostic hearing evaluation starts with a complete medical history and documentation of any hearing concerns, tinnitus, balance problems or history of exposure to noise. It includes a physical examination of the outer ear, middle and inner ear and auditory pathways as well as the ability to understand speech. 


Hearing Test Process

The visual inspection and otoscopic examination of the outer ear will indicate the health of the ear eardrum and the presence of any accumulative ear wax in the ear canal. Middle ear evaluation tells us about the mobility and health of the eardrum, middle ear bones and rules out any fluid build-up or middle ear disorder. The inner ear evaluation is determined by measuring the sensitivity to sound at different frequencies and intensity of loudness. We evaluate speech understanding in quiet, at a conversational level or in noise.

Understanding Your Results

The results of the hearing evaluation will tell us the exact hearing sensitivity and if any hearing loss is present. It indicates which particular speech frequencies are affected and in which listening environments the individual might find difficulties understanding speech or having the speech clarity compromised.

After Your Hearing Test

After we discuss your results with you, we will review the options that are best for your needs. If this includes hearing loss treatments or hearing aids, we will discuss what you can expect from your treatment plan.


If any medical concerns are found during a diagnostic hearing evaluation, then a referral for a medical intervention will be provided. The results of the evaluation are communicated to a physician and help to an otolaryngologist for further diagnosis.

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