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Hearing Loss Treatment

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What Are The Hearing Loss Treatment Options? Is There A Cure For Hearing Loss?

Treatment of hearing loss is based on the cause and type and severity of hearing loss. There are several potential causes requiring different treatment approaches. Some types of hearing losses may be just temporary and others are permanent and progressing. A hearing evaluation will determine if the hearing impairment can be managed medically or surgically. However, most hearing losses are permanent and there are several options for successful treatment such as hearing aids or other listening devices.

How Long Is The Hearing Evaluation?

The overall hearing evaluation takes about 1 hour in length with enough time allotted for discussion with the audiologist to review the hearing test results and ask questions.

How To Prepare For The Hearing Evaluation?

An excessive amount of earwax can be one of the causes of postponing a full hearing evaluation since ear wax acts as a blockage in the ear canal and prevents a sound from going through the ear. If you are aware of earwax accumulation, it is recommended to get it removed prior to the appointment.

Can I Bring A Family Member To The Appointment?

We recommend that you bring a family member with you to the hearing evaluation appointment. It helps to have another supportive person at the appointment when we go over the recommendations and treatment options, which are customized to the patient’s needs.

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