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Audiologist demonstrates types of hearing aids

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing loss treatment

Assess Your Hearing Aids

At Echo Hearing Care, we use a comprehensive hearing assessment and customize hearing loss treatment plan with the latest hearing aid technology. A hearing aid evaluation assesses how well the speech sounds are heard at various volume levels as well as what sound levels are comfortable and too loud.

Hearing Aid Evaluation Process

The evaluation starts with an assessment of the patient’s hearing needs and difficulties. If a hearing test outcome indicates a permanent hearing loss and it is determined that the patient could be a good candidate to benefit from hearing aids then the audiologist would go over the treatment plan and options. The audiologist will help to explain and choose the best hearing aid style, features and levels of sophisticated hearing technology. This is based on the severity and degree of hearing loss and the patient’s lifestyle or financial circumstances. The patient is also welcome to try the hearing aids to determine the full benefit.

blonde woman hearing aid fitting

When Are The Hearing Aids Recommended?

Most of the time, hearing loss progresses very gradually and we don’t notice how much we are missing out until family or friends start pointing it out. Our ears are just a mechanism to deliver the sounds to our brain where it gets processed and recognized. If there is a problem in delivering the sound to the brain due to a mechanical problem in the ears then only partial sounds can be delivered to our brain. The brain will keep the function of hearing the particular sound if it’s being exposed to it. Otherwise, it starts reorganizing itself and adapting to not hear and recognizing the sounds.


It is possible to teach the brain to hear again, which requires time and exposure to the sound again. However, the longer the brain doesn’t hear the sound more it restructures itself and later has difficulties recognizing the sound. This is one of the reasons why treating hearing loss is important once hearing loss is diagnosed.


Start By Trying Hearing Aids

Along with answering your questions, we can make sure we identify the hearing technology that fits you best. A live demo of the hearing aids can be requested as well as a free trial of the hearing aids is available. 

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