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A woman is inserting and fitting the invisible hearing aid into her ear.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Adjustment

What is Hearing Aid Fitting?

Successful hearing aid evaluation and later fitting of the device involve more than just choosing the proper hearing aid. It must fit correctly in the ear and it is critical that it is set properly to provide an accurate amplification prescription for the new user to benefit from the aids.  At the fitting appointment, the audiologist will check the physical fit of the aid, program the hearing aid to match the hearing prescription and verify the hearing aid settings. 

Hearing Aid Fitting Process

Real Ear Measurements

Verification of the hearing aids is done with a Real-Ear machine and a speech mapping fitting technique method to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed for your individual needs. With this method, small microphones placed in the ear canal are used to distinguish differences in how a patient is able to hear speech through the hearing aids.


Hearing Aid Adjustments

Adjustments must be made to amplify soft sounds without making the other sounds too loud. Hearing is subjective, so your settings will be different than someone else’s settings. Even people with identical hearing loss will have different preferences as to how their hearing aids are programmed.


Learn About Your Hearing Aids

We will also discuss hearing aid features and optimize them for normal listening environments and patients’ lifestyles. Nowadays, hearing aids are automatic and advanced digital hearing instruments. They are much smaller, invisible or less conspicuous and perform better than hearing aids in the past.

What to Expect

At this appointment, the audiologist will also discuss how to use the hearing aids and practice insertion and removal of the hearing aid.


We make sure your hearing is the best it can be with additional follow-up testing and programming adjustments as needed. You may want to bring a family member or a friend to your hearing aid fitting for support and to help you remember your instructions.

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