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Meet the Audiologist - Dr Katarina Vavrovicova at Echo Hearing Care

About Our Audiology Clinic

Echo Hearing Care is a Vancouver audiology clinic that is committed to providing the highest quality of hearing care. Through a comprehensive range of hearing care services, we can help you understand the state of your hearing and create treatment plans that are customized to your needs.

Meet the doctor

Meet the Audiologist

Dr. Katarina Vavrovicova, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP is a clinical doctor of audiology and certified by Speech-Language & Audiology Canada. She focuses on restoring hearing and communication with a passion for helping people and improving their well-being state. She recognizes the importance of being able to hear well and how the quality of one's hearing can have a direct influence on a person's social life, physical well-being, and emotional state.


She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in the USA with a doctoral degree in Audiology in 2006 and relocated to practice in Beautiful British Columbia. Her previous experience includes working as a clinical supervisor at the School of Audiology & Speech Sciences and participating in a multi-year research study at the University of British Columbia. Passionate about hearing health care, she can often be found educating the public at events throughout Vancouver.

From Dr. Vavrovicova

Dear Vancouver,

I am happy to announce my return to the community with Echo Hearing Care, a new hearing clinic located at 2533 West Broadway in Vancouver.

I am accepting new patients that are experiencing hearing difficulties or have problems with their hearing aids. Former patients are welcome to visit and continue their hearing journey with me at my new clinic.

I am a registered and licensed Doctor of Audiology, and I believe in using a holistic and comprehensive approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders by using advanced clinical hearing testing. Our audiology clinic collaborates with a network of an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, which is designed to provide our patients and their families with information on all aspects of hearing care.

Echo Hearing Care clinic is a privately owned practice, dedicated to serving patients by providing access to a full range of innovative and latest hearing aid technology. We work with top-quality hearing instrument manufacturers and personalize patients’ treatments to their hearing needs, lifestyle and hearing loss.

Hearing is personal. It’s an important part of communication and having healthy relationships with our loved ones. We all know that hearing well elevates every part of our life. It increases our confidence and makes us feel better both physically and emotionally.

I am passionate about helping, and throughout my 17-year career, I have served to change the lives of hundreds of patients by maximizing their hearing abilities and quality of life.

- Dr. Katarina Vavrovicova, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP

Our approach to hearing care - hearing loss concept image
Our Approach

Our Approach to Hearing Care

We use a holistic and comprehensive approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.  


Through education, care and solutions like custom earplugs, we aim to minimize impairment and maximize long-term wellness through the prevention of hearing challenges.



For those with hearing challenges, we use clinical diagnostic technology and an interdisciplinary network to understand your hearing health from a holistic perspective.



Through education, counselling, recommendations, and follow-up care, we partner with you to optimize residual hearing with a treatment plan that matches your needs, lifestyle, and hearing loss.

Our Philosophy and Core Values

Our Philosophy And Core Values

Provide the highest quality of hearing care by educating patients, healthcare professionals and the local community about the implications of untreated hearing loss on individuals’ lives and their families

Improving patients’ access to hearing care with hearing screenings in their communities with early hearing loss detection, education and expert treatment.

Holistic and patient-centric clinical approach with a focus on evidence-based hearing care.

Supporting and collaborating with the multidisciplinary healthcare professionals’ network to provide excellent care for patients with hearing disorders.

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