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Dr Katarina Vavrovicova at Echo Hearing Care - Otoscopy

Holistic Hearing Care in Vancouver

Are you or your loved one experiencing hearing loss?

At Echo Hearing Care in Vancouver, we believe in using a holistic and comprehensive approach to hearing loss prevention. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.

Patient-Centric Hearing Care

The team at Echo Hearing is led by Dr. Katarina Vavrovicova, a Vancouver-based registered Doctor of Audiology with 18 years of experience in the audiology field. She is focused on patient-centric care and strives to maximize the quality of care by optimizing residual hearing and maximizing overall wellness.

Interdisciplinary Approach

We collaborate with a network of an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, which is designed to provide our patients and their families with a complete service that covers all aspects of hearing care. The audiology evaluation includes everything from hearing loss diagnosis, education, counselling, recommendations, and follow-up care to maximize hearing potential and quality of life.

Local and Independently Owned

Echo Hearing Care clinic is a privately owned practice dedicated to serving patients by providing access to a full range of the most innovative and latest hearing aid technology. We work with top-quality hearing instrument manufacturers and personalize patients’ hearing loss treatments to their hearing needs, lifestyle and hearing loss.

How we Provide the Best Care Possible

Comprehensive Hearing Test 

Get advanced hearing testing to determine the causes of hearing loss.


Hearing Aid

Try hearing aids to see how they help you in your daily life.

Hearing technology

Innovative Hearing Technology

Explore the latest hearing aid technology and get recommendations.

Home care

Mobile and Home Visits

Save yourself a trip through mobile or virtual hearing care appointments.

Holistic Hearing Care Services

We provide hearing care and audiology services for a wide range of hearing challenges.

Hearing evaluation - patient at an audiological examination

Advanced clinical testing designed to determine the type and severity of hearing loss.

Customized hearing loss treatment - hand holding small custom hearing aid

Customized hearing loss treatment plan utilizing the latest hearing aid technology.

Tinnitus treatment - Man with tinnitus pain

Do you hear ringing, buzzing or other noises? You may be suffering from tinnitus. 

Smiling construction site worker with hearing protection earmuffs

Get custom earplugs to protect yourself from potential hearing loss.

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